An “incredible journey”: MLS Season Pass on Apple TV reaches launch point

An “incredible journey”: MLS Season Pass on Apple TV reaches launch point

That age includes more camera angles, 1080p video, Dolby 5.1 audio, and enhanced data and graphics in live match coverage. At the core is Apple, a company that’s been revolutionary across multiple industries and how society functions.

“We are playing in the global game and we’re not yet the global league that we want to be. And what better way to do that than with a global digital partner that is ubiquitous around the world?” Garber posed.

“It’s just starting and I can’t tell you what it’s like to have our clubs talk to a player from Argentina or from Brazil or from Croatia or from England and know that you’ll be able to deliver a game directly to one of their fans with the click of a button. That is perhaps the most exciting part of this new partnership.”

With an enhanced content experience on MLS Season Pass – one ranging from studio and in-stadium coverage on matchdays, to longer-form features and club-produced weekly updates – it’s a new era for the league. At the forefront of everything is a fan-first experience where simplicity is a constant guidepost.

“It’s unbelievable for us to be able to partner with the leading company in the world that thinks about the fan, the consumer first,” Garber said. “It’s not thinking about how does my device work for them? It’s how does somebody want to interact with my device?”

This new platform will also prove transformative for MLS’ various partners, giving them access to more soccer fans globally. Representatives from adidas, AT&T, Audi and IHG Hotels & Resorts were all in attendance Wednesday, speaking about the game’s overall direction.

“There’s not many industries where growth from now could surpass what has grown in the past,” said Rupert Campbell, president of adidas North America. “We only see opportunity here and streaming will help us massively to connect with more fans, more communities around the world. The more access that people can get to the beautiful game, the more it will grow. To me, this is a huge opportunity.”