Android 13 for tv officially launched: Here are the new features and capabilities

Android 13 for tv officially launched: Here are the new features and capabilities

Google has officially launched Android 13 OS for TV. The latest software update for Google-powered smart TVs introduces some new features such as more customisation options, performance improvement, and a few changes in the UI. If you own a smart TV running on Android 12 for tv, your device is likely to receive an Android 13 update in the next few weeks.

With the latest software update, a tv running on Android 13 OS can let apps identify the routed device and supported formats before creating an AudioTrack. This ensures that the games and streaming apps can deliver the best possible audio experience even via external speakers and soundbars.

Depending on the hardware capabilities, a user can control parameters like resolution and refresh rate via HDMI source devices. On top of that, Android 13 for tv also comes with an improved power management system that reduces power consumption when the device is in standby mode.

Google has also introduced features like the availability of hardware mute switch status on system privacy settings, improved user control for microphone access, and a new keyboard layout API to allow users to select different language layouts for external keyboards.

Android 13 for tv update also includes better handling of HDMI state changes on the source HDMI devices and improved language selection for HDMI devices. As of now, the final version of Android 13 for tv is limited to developers. OEMs are expected to update their smart TVs with the latest Android 13 for tv in the coming days.