Branson entertainment community mourns the loss of long-time performer Cedric Benoit

BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) – Branson’s entertainment community is mourning the loss of one of their own.

Cedric Benoit died on Thursday. He played for three decades in the Cajun Connection Band at Silver Dollar City.

Former friends and bandmates share the impact he left on so many.

”He gave 110% every time just a consummate entertainer, songwriter and he was so loyal to his fans,” said Kelly Roberts, who worked with Benoit for 29 years.

Roberts says Benoit did every show as if it was his first.

”Didn’t matter how many people were in the audience, he never missed a day of work,” Roberts said.

Other friends say Benoit encouraged everyone to succeed.

”He was just a lifeblood and a heart and soul apart of this park for so many years you know three decades many of us worked together,” Lisa Rau said.

Casey Robertson performed with him from 2005 to 2012 as his drummer.

”He was always a great motivator to everyone. He always wanted you to be your best and wanted to be the best himself,” Casey Robertson said.

Friend D.A. Callaway says when Benoit showed up for the first time he knew there was something special about him.

”When I saw what he did I knew I had to step up my game because Cedric was on. I mean he was crazy on all in with everything he did,” D.A. Callaway said.

Friend Tim Stowe says he’ll never forget one Christmas season during bad weather, and only one person in the audience stayed to see the show.

”Afterwards I said, ‘Hey Cedric, you did this show for the one person?” and he was like ‘That one person paid the same as everybody else. Why wouldn’t we give them the entire experience?” Tim Stowe said.

“He loved people he wanted people to be happy and he wanted to make sure that whoever the next band coming on could not follow him,” said Callaway.

Benoit’s son posted a statement on the entertainer’s Facebook Page saying the family is planning two services. One in Missouri, and the other in Louisiana.

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