Everything Trending on Internet Today

with the trending hashtag of the year or a video of someone doing something hilarious that makes us LOL so hard! A moment later we’re excitedly sharing our own version of the same content with friends, family, and followers. With millions of people around the world posting and sharing their thoughts and experiences daily, it isn’t easy to see exactly what content is trending at any given moment. Fret not, we’ve got everything that could probably make you a viral geek!

From fashion trends to viral videos and everything in between, social media has made it easier than ever to stay on top of the trends and discover what the next big thing is. Like you’d know how SRK is making headlines every other day after the release of Pathaan or how Vande Bharat Express has been receiving flaks for its unhygienic hospitality or any other wedding moment where people go over and above in touching several hearts, the list of all that the world is talking about is never-ending!

Everywhere you look online, you see people sharing hilarious memes about pets, laughing over some bizarre videos, or reading the news of the day with a side of their morning coffee! It’s become such a popular trend that people even use it as a way to connect with others online, too! People love to share things that make them laugh and feel inspired. With so many ways to stay connected with pop culture, it’s no wonder that people love to discover the next big trend and for that, we’ve got you a shortcut! Here is everything that is trending on social media today… and everywhere!

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