GREG GUTFELD: Disney is disguising brainwashing as entertainment

GREG GUTFELD: Disney is disguising brainwashing as entertainment

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Happy Thursday, everybody. Yeah, well, except for those sad bastards at Disney, it’s gotten so bad they’re going to fire 7,000 people as part of a significant transformation. It’s the biggest transformation since Kilmeade’s lunch turned into a butterfly. Yeah, he eats caterpillars, bet you didn’t know that. 

The job cuts are part of a bigger strategy to save $5.5 billion, which is more than enough to pay for the sex change surgeries for the Pirates of the Caribbean. Do not dead-name them. But this is what happens when you go woke, the saying is “you go broke” and you can blame the cowardly execs who let the woke turn Disney into the joke it is now. I mean, you want to talk about transitioning?


Forget Lia Thomas, look at the Disney product. Gone are the days when their movies and cartoons actually taught children life lessons. I mean, remember that wooden-peg-legged-lion-little-bitch Pinocchio? He taught children not to fib, or you’ll get eaten by a whale and die. To be honest, I never understood what whales have to do with lying until I saw The View. I don’t get it. And remember that slutty Little Mermaid Ariel, with clamshells for a bra and a mouthy little crab. Nobody told her drugstores have medicines for those. But she taught a generation of young women that you can overcome a disability. I mean, she was a cartoon mermaid. I mean, that’s a hard life if she can’t stand up. How could she make me a sandwich?

ANNOUNCER: A sexist would say!

And then there’s the 101 Dalmatians. What lessons did you learn from that? Well, I’ve learned that there are better puppies for your coats. I mean, it’s kind of ugly when you think about it. Cinderella taught us that love comes not from your dress or your station in life, but from the shoes you’re wearing. And Bambi, bambi taught us to always wear orange in the forest. Yeah, RIP. And what about this beloved classic?


VOICE 1: Come along now.

VOICE 2: Hey, sit the —- down.

VOICE 1: Gasp.

VOICE 2: I’m just kidding. Hey, you guys want to do some coke? I got to think where we can find some. My dealer got shot last night, and I’m looking for a new supplier.

VOICE 1: Drugs are terrible, you shouldn’t talk like that.

VOICE 2: Oh, don’t be a —-. Women love to complain about every little thing. Hey, that’s it. Come here you little fairy skank.

VOICE 3: Oh —-.

VOICE 2: Guys, snort this angel dust. It’ll get you high…. Alright, see you —-. I’m going to write a screenplay.


Disney was criticized for inserting "blatant anti-White propaganda" into an episode of "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder"

Disney was criticized for inserting “blatant anti-White propaganda” into an episode of “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” (Fox News)

That was the best thing they’ve ever done. I actually forgot what my point was. Well, my point is Disney used to be about universal life lessons, now it’s not. Take The Proud Family on Disney+, a cartoon designed to turn kids into permanent victims with no agency of their own by supplying them with only the tools to envy others. It’s Hate America 101, and they don’t even hide it. Joy Reid should sue for copyright infringement. Roll it.

VOICE 1: This country was built on slavery, which means…

GROUP VOICES: Slaves built this country.

VOICE 2: Tilled this land from sea-to-sea-to-sea. First it was rice, tobacco, sugar cane.

VOICE 3: Then what you did is —– —- and cotton became cane.

VOICE 2: And we were its soldiers.

GROUP VOICES: 4 million strong.

VOICE 1: Fighting for America’s freedoms, even though we remained America’s…


VOICE 3: Built this country, the descendants of slaves, continue to build.

GROUP VOICES: Slaves built this country.


An episode of Disney+'s "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder" promotes the idea that Lincoln did not free the slaves.

An episode of Disney+’s “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” promotes the idea that Lincoln did not free the slaves. (David Roark/Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts)

You get that, slaves built this country. Thank God for the songs. I had never heard that before. But a song about slavery, there’s nothing controversial there, but like a Kennedy on a Massachusetts bridge, it takes a turn for the worse. Terrible. Thank you. Roll some more.

VOICE 1: And we the descendants of slaves in America, have earned reparations for their suffering.

VOICE 2: And continue to earn reparations every moment we spend submerged in the systemic prejudice, racism and…

GROUP VOICES: White supremacy.

VOICE 3: That America was founded with and still has not atoned for.

GROUP VOICES: Slaves built this country.

Well, there are those words we’ve come to know and love, systemic prejudice, racism, White supremacy, otherwise known as the national anthem for Democrats. Again, this is for children, but it’s not in a classroom, it’s kids entertainment. What’s next? Snow White privilege and her seven old entitled White men. But hey, if you thought Lincoln freed the slaves, you’d be dead wrong.

VOICE 4: We had Tubman.

VOICE 3: Turner.

VOICE 5: Frederick D.

VOICE 2: Then they say Lincoln freed the slaves.

VOICE 6: But slaves were men…

GROUP VOICES: And women…

VOICE 2: And only we can free ourselves.

GROUP VOICES: Emancipation is not free.

VOICE 1: Jim Crow, segregation, redlining, public schools feeding private prisons where we become slaves again.

VOICE 2: As we celebrate Juneteenth for the…

GROUP VOICES: Umpteenth time.

VOICE 2: Our account is still outstanding…

VOICE 3: Because this country was built on slavery, which means…

GROUP VOICES: Slaves, built this country.


Tourists pose just outside the entrance at Disneyland Paris theme park in Marne-la-Vallee, near Paris, France.

Tourists pose just outside the entrance at Disneyland Paris theme park in Marne-la-Vallee, near Paris, France. (Reuters)

So we say freedom isn’t free. They say freedom isn’t freedom. They just took a dump on the graves of 365,000 Union soldiers and Abe Lincoln. 

So what’s the point of all that? Well, it’s about retribution and not reconciliation. It’s brainwashing as entertainment. And while some might call it a history lesson, it’s a bitter filter that primes a child to enter life with a deficit. And that hole is caused by hate. I mean, why cooperate with others who are different from you if they’re related to someone centuries ago who might own slaves or might not own slaves? That doesn’t seem to matter, really. I mean, does anyone check your family tree before they call you a racist? 

But thank God we have Disney to cleave children from each other when they should be learning to play with each other. This isn’t food for thought, it’s fodder for re-segregationists. We need to be apart, they think, from each other.


So if you want your kids to start life pissed off with a chip on their shoulders the size of a can of Pringles. Have them watch that, it’s called The Proud Family, but with messages like that, there’s nothing to be proud of.