Man tweets how his grandfather kept record of every film he watched, shares pics | Trending

Man tweets how his grandfather kept record of every film he watched, shares pics | Trending

It is not uncommon for grandkids to find different interesting things in their grandparents’ collection. A post about one such find is now going viral online. Twitter user AK shared a few images on the micro-blogging site from his granddad’s journal that is filled with different movie names. Turns out, the diary has the names of all the films that his granddad has ever watched.

“Long long ago, my grandfather has created his own version of Letterboxd to keep record of the movies he had watched. I’m awestruck by the fact that he’s watched Hitchcock and James Bond films in theatres,” he tweeted and shared a picture. Letterboxd is a social networking service launched in 2011 where people interact about films.

The Twitter user shared another picture from his granddad’s journal and wrote, “This is insane. Apparently, Anbe Vaa (1966) was inspired from Come September (1961) and my grandfather had watched both the films in theatres.”

Take a look at the posts:

The tweets have received thousands of views and they have also been re-shared by many. Additionally, they have accumulated tons of comments. From sharing their amazement to talking about preserving the journal, people tweeted various things.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted:

“The second James Bond movie that has actually come out, this is amazing. How many movies has he recorded in that book?” posted a Twitter user. They received a reply from the original poster who commented, “470. Also he had watched the first James Bond movie in theatres.” Another person commented, “This should be kept in a collection and protected.” A third expressed, “This is quite incredible.” A fourth added, “This is gold. ” A fifth wrote, “You should look at methods to preserve this book. ”