Meteorite spotted over Texas, residents ‘heard the earth shake’

Meteorite spotted over Texas, residents ‘heard the earth shake’

Two aircraft reported seeing a meteorite in Texas on Wednesday with residents saying that they heard a loud explosion. The meteorite was spotted over Mission in South Texas and parts of McAllen, the police said, adding that the news was shared by two aircraft with Houston Air Traffic Control. The police announced at around 8:30 pm that a meteorite has been seen in Texas . Where did the meteorite exactly hit is not known yet. People also said that the explosion was so powerful that their homes started shaking.  “Where the exact point of impact is unknown,” Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra said. “No reports of any damage in that area has been received.”

Police Chief Cesar Torres told KVEO-TV that they started getting calls about a meteorite in Texas at around 6 pm. The calls gradually started growing and now hundreds of residents have called in reporting about the Texas meteorite. People reportedly said that they “heard the earth shake.” A “loud explosion” was heard in Mission which is situated just north of the Mexico-United States border. 

Alton Police Chief Jonathan Flores said that they also felt the blast, but aren’t really sure of what caused it. The meteorite has not been found yet. 

“I do know that it was widespread,” Flores told KVEO-TV. “There are multiple cities receiving the same call.”

Images of the alleged meteorite are all over social media, however, the pictures of the meteorite haven’t been verified. People took to Facebook to share the news of the meteorite, with one of them saying that he felt a “rumble or explosion”. Another Texan claimed that “everyone heard the loud noise and houses shake”. 

Can meteorites cause destruction?

Meteorites are not the same as meteors. Meteorites are solid pieces of debris that normally come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Meteors don’t typically cause any damage to Earth as they burn up before reaching the ground. However, meteorites can hit the Earth, causing some level of damage. 

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