Pro-Kremlin propagandist loses it on live TV after his son’s patriotism was called into question for not fighting in Ukraine

Pro-Kremlin propagandist loses it on live TV after his son’s patriotism was called into question for not fighting in Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin and television and radio host Vladimir Solovyov at an awards ceremony in Moscow, Russia, in December 2013.

Russian President Vladimir Putin with Vladimir Solovyov (r) at an awards ceremony in Moscow, Russia, December 2013.AP Photo/RIA Novosti, Mikhail Metzel, Presidential Press Service

  • Vladimir Solovyov has been a strong proponent of the war in Ukraine, encouraging young men to fight.

  • But after his son was called out for not joining the war he erupted on live TV, per The Daily Beast.

  • He said his son was living the life of “an average young person” and threatened to sue critics.

A pro-Kremlin propagandist who has long supported Russia’s war in Ukraine erupted on live television after his son was accused of avoiding the war.

Vladimir Solovyov, who has a strong following and is popular with Russian President Vladimir Putin, attacked critics on-air on Tuesday, after a tweet went viral accusing him of hypocrisy because his 21-year-old son, Vladimir Solovyov, was working as a model in London and wasn’t involved in the fighting.

The tweet referred to Vladimir as Solovyov’s “draft-dodging son.”

Solovyov hit back, saying his son, who had previously studied in London, was in Moscow, where he was “living a difficult life of an average young person” and was “not trying to dodge anything,” according to The Daily Beast’s translation.

He added that his critics are “beasts” who could be in the pay of Ukraine.

Solovyov further said that he would sue anyone who published the allegation that his son was a model now working in London, according to The Beast.

Solovyov’s reaction came after he has repeatedly advocated for young Russians to join the fight in Ukraine.

He has encouraged every able-bodied Russian male to join the army, and on Monday, the day before he addressed allegations about his son, said on his show that every young Russian male should help the war effort as part of their patriotic duty, The Beast reported.

It is not clear if Solovyov’s children are exempt from military service due to his role.

Last September, hundreds of thousands of military reservists were called up by Russia to fight. At the time, Russia’s Ministry of Defense released a list of those who were exempt from mobilization, which included state media staff.

Solovyov is considered one of the most influential pro-war figures in Russia, and has repeatedly traveled to the front line of the conflict in Ukraine.

During the course of the war he has made some of the most outlandish threats and statements against the West, advocating strikes on the UK and Germany with nuclear weapons, and threatening war against the rest of Europe.

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