Ronnie Stanley, Kyle Hamilton Injuries ‘Trending in the Right Direction’

Ronnie Stanley, Kyle Hamilton Injuries ‘Trending in the Right Direction’

The updates on Sunday’s injuries to Ronnie Stanley (ankle) and Kyle Hamilton (knee) are encouraging.

“We don’t have the final word on those things yet, but I would say it’s definitely trending in the right direction based on what we know so far,” Head Coach John Harbaugh said.

The X-rays came back on Hamilton’s knee and show it’s stable. The Ravens are still awaiting MRI results on Stanley’s ankle, which is the same one he had multiple surgeries on, but “but it was trending really well last night and this morning,” Harbaugh said.

Lamar Jackson said he talked to Stanley after the game.

“I checked on him, but he said he’s pretty good,” Jackson said. “He told me just don’t fall into him. So, it was me who hurt him, so I’m a little [ticked] off about that, but he’s good. That’s all that matters.”

Coaches Want to Get Devin Duvernay the Ball More

In the two games since Rashod Bateman was ruled out for the rest of the season, wide receiver Devin Duvernay has had just two targets and one carry.

It’s been a surprise considering the expectation was that Duvernay, who got off to a hot start this season, would step into the leading wide receiver role.

Instead, Demarcus Robinson has led Ravens receivers in targets the past two games with four against the Saints and nine versus the Panthers. Robinson made the most of it Sunday, catching all nine targets for 128 yards. Still, Baltimore wants to get Duvernay the ball more.

Harbaugh said there were six to eight run-option reads where Duvernay could have gotten the ball, but didn’t and “numerous passes where it just didn’t come his way.”

“We’ve got to say to ourselves, as coaches, ‘We need him [Duvernay] involved. We need to find a way to get him the ball,'” Harbaugh said. “So, we understand it. It doesn’t always go to a guy even when you call it towards a guy, but by the same token, we’ve got to keep chasing that, because we want the ball in his hands.”

Gus Edwards, DeSean Jackson Making Progress in Returns

The Ravens were hoping Gus Edwards (hamstring/knee) would be able to play against the Panthers, but Harbaugh said he “just couldn’t get to the game.”

Edwards was close, and Baltimore is hopeful he’ll get over the hump and back on the field this upcoming week against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Edwards has been out since tweaking his hamstring on Oct. 27 in Tampa Bay. He was limited in practice last week and will have a month between games if he plays against the Jaguars.

“He just couldn’t do it, and you could see it; I could see it in practice on Friday and Thursday,” Harbaugh said. “So, we’ll hold out the same hope this week. I think he’ll get there, but he just has to be right. A guy has to be ready to go and be at his best.”

Veteran wide receiver DeSean Jackson is also working through a hamstring injury, though his occurred in the Week 9 win in New Orleans. He’s made slower progress, Harbaugh said, and did not practice last week.

“It wasn’t supposed to be real bad, but it just hasn’t quite come back as fast as you want it to,” Harbaugh said. “So, he’s working really hard to bring it back. He’s a little older, [so] it probably does a little bit more time – I hope he doesn’t get mad at me for saying that – but he’s working at it. He’s going to be back hopefully this week. We’ll see.”

Rashod Bateman’s Surgery Sets Up Well for Strong Recovery

Wide receiver Rashod Bateman underwent surgery for his Lisfranc foot injury last week and by all accounts it went well, Harbaugh said.

“The good thing is he got it in kind of a timeframe where it should be a quicker recovery than it would’ve been if it had been a worse injury,” Harbaugh said.

“So, it was an injury that needed the surgery for sure, and I think [it was] absolutely the right thing to get it done at that time, and it’s going to make for a really good recovery. That’s what I was told. I know he’s excited about that. I don’t know what the timeframe is for him coming back, but he’s going to be good for next year.”