Tinder just launched a ‘dating dictionary’. Here’s what it’s about

Tinder just launched a ‘dating dictionary’. Here’s what it’s about

Situationship, Kitten fishing, Rizz, Dateview… these are just some of the words doing the rounds in the dating world today. If you have no idea what they mean, I totally get you. As some of us find ourselves struggling to get a hold of these terms, Tinder decided to do something about it. The dating app has come up with what is called a Tinder dating dictionary. What the Tinder dating dictionary aims to do is make it easier for the older generations to understand the words and terms used by GenZ with regards to dating. 

The idea took birth after research showed that 62 per cent of 18 to 25-year-olds feel the language they use to read or write is very different from what older singles use when it comes to dating. However, the Tinder dating dictionary goes beyond just dating and can help one navigate the complext communication channel between older adults and GenZ.

Most of the terms included in the Tinder dating dictionary came to the fore in the Tinder Year In Swipe 2022 report published in December.

One such term coined by GenZ and very likely unheard by the older generations is “Cushioning”. The word refers to having several backup relationships in case your current relationship hits a snag and you end up breaking off. The backup relationships in this case are meant to act as a “cushion” to lessen the pain, hence the word “cushioning”.

Another such word that is all the rage on dating sites is “Situationship”. The term is used to describe the situation when two people are no longer just a hook-up, but wouldn’t call themselves a couple either. 

Then there is “Dateview” for times when a date feels like an interview. 

The year 2023 has already seen the emergence of more such terms, such as Kitten fishing and Rizz. 

Kitten fishing has been lifted from the term catfishing where one pretends to be someone else. But with Kitten fishing you only tweak a few aspects of your life to attract better dating candidates (totally legit?… or not so much). Rizz is simply short for Charisma (how hard is it to say charisma, I wonder).

Sydney sex and relationships expert Georgia Grace told news.com.au, “Although the basics of dating haven’t really changed, the majority of Gen Z’s feel that they speak a very different language than their parents and grandparents when it comes to dating.”

“The dictionary will make it easier to have dating conversations across different generations.”

The Tinder dating dictionary will certainly make it easier for different generations to connect with GenZ. 

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