TV tonight: the startling rise of young, Black rightwingers | Television & radio

TV tonight: the startling rise of young, Black rightwingers | Television & radio

Young, Black and Right-Wing

10pm, Channel 4

Investigating an apparent rise in young Black people with rightwing views, Zeze Millz meets everyone from “the GB News crew” to puritanical young Christians. It’s alarming to see Priti Patel fan Hannah – whose parents are Ethiopian refugees – denying systemic racism entirely (“You’re desperate for Black people to be victims!”) and often, Millz seems too startled by the attitudes she encounters to interrogate them fully. Still, a sincere, if flawed, attempt to explore a stark phenomenon. Phil Harrison

The Larkins

8pm, ITV

Bradley Walsh and Joanna Scanlan continue to warm up Sunday nights with their summer-set period drama. When playing Cupid between Primrose and Rev Candy, Pop and Ma face some hard truths, while a trip to the fairground is not all fun and games. Sammy Gecsoyler

SAS Rogue Heroes

9pm, BBC One

Steven Knight’s enjoyable drama leans into the wild absurdity of the first iteration of the SAS as well as their undoubted heroism. Tonight, the lads embark upon their first ever operation. Perhaps inevitably, the whole thing goes gruesomely belly-up. But if we know anything about these ragged bruisers, it’s that they’ll try again. PH

The People’s Piazza: A History of Covent Garden

9pm, BBC Two

David Olusoga has an unparalleled ability to drill down into historical specifics and use them to illuminate universal truths. He does it once again in this social history of Covent Garden, which touches on workhouses, life lessons facilitated by the market, bare-knuckle brawling, and Nell Gwyn as the first modern-style celebrity. Edifying and fascinating. PH

James Arthur: Out of Our Minds

9pm, BBC Three

The X Factor winner talks male mental health in this personal documentary, taking us to the north-east where he grew up and now lives. He also opens up about his dependence on antidepressants and speaks to others who have found alternative ways to cope. SG

Italia 90: Four Weeks That Changed the World

9pm, Sky Documentaries

Is there even the tiniest detail about the 1990 World Cup in Italy that hasn’t been exhaustively pored over? It’s hard to imagine but this new series benefits from a rather more global view. There’s plenty about England’s journey from darkness into light, but also ample subtext involving the fall of the Berlin Wall. PH

Live sport

Men’s T20 World Cup Cricket, 7am, Sky Sports Main Event The final of the tournament at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Men’s Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup, 11.45am, BBC Two Coverage of both semi-finals at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield. The final is on Friday at 7pm.