‘Velma’ Is Now Officially The Worst Show On TV

‘Velma’ Is Now Officially The Worst Show On TV

As you may or may not know, the worst show on television is finally coming to an end. Fear The Walking Dead will wrap up with Season 8 after AMC finally came to its sense and cancelled what is perhaps the most ridiculous zombie show ever made.

But there’s a new show already rearing its ugly head to take Fear’s place, and unlike Fear—which had three reasonably good seasons before jumping the proverbial shark—this one was terrible from the get-go.

Yes, I’m talking about Velma, HBO’s latest animated series, ostensibly a prequel to the classic children’s cartoon, Scooby-Doo. Only, no Scooby, and not a children’s cartoon, and not a very good mystery show. And more than anything else: Not funny in the slightest.

The only thing Velma has managed to do well—and this is actually quite the achievement—is unite the entire internet for one brief moment. Conservatives, liberals, Scooby fans and non-fans alike all agree: Velma is a steaming pile of Scooby doo-doo.

So what’s so bad about Velma? Well, for starters it has no discernible audience. It has almost nothing to do with the original show (and wasn’t even allowed to include Scooby himself). It makes attempts at being super woke (from race-swapping most of the cast to jokes about the size of white dudes’ genitalia) to deeply edgelord (making jokes about the #MeToo movement).

If these jokes were actually funny, the show’s lack of an obvious target audience might be a good thing in the same way that South Park’s humor often targets the left, the right and everyone and everything else. The difference, of course, is that South Park is a funny, often insightful, parody of modern culture. Velma is just . . . trying way too hard without landing any of its myriad lame jokes.

The show’s third and fourth episodes continue the trend that the first two began: A serialized serial-killer murder mystery that’s going nowhere and mildly offensive for no good reason.

Mindy Kaling, who voices the lead character Velma and serves as executive producer, isn’t the creator or the writer of the show, but has taken most of the heat for its shortcomings largely thanks to online backlash to some of the politically controversial statements she’s made. This feels beside the point to me—Kaling ‘liking’ a J.K. Rowling tweet has no bearing on the quality of Velma. The real problem remains that this is a show that’s badly written, deeply unfunny and has virtually nothing to do with its source material.

Unless you get a kick out of hate-watching, do yourself a favor and skip Velma. There are far, far better adult cartoons on TV, including The Legend Of Vox Machina. That show’s second season landed on Amazon Prime Video today. You can check out my interview with the cast right here.

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