WATCH | BIZARRE! Is it raining worms in China?

WATCH | BIZARRE! Is it raining worms in China?

In the Chinese province of Liaoning, worms are falling from the sky. At least, that’s what a trending video on the internet suggests. Even if many people are still baffled as to what caused it, they are not falling behind in making irrational assumptions.

Yet, this is not the first time the world has witnessed this peculiar phenomenon. Iguanas, which are big reptiles, were said to be raining last year in Florida.

Coming back to worms purportedly raining in China, reports say the Chinese citizens of Liaoning province are being urged to seek refuge inside their homes in order to protect themselves from these pouring worms.

Social media users are surprised by a video that is trending and receiving a lot of attention. In the video, an area of the province can be allegedly seen to be completely covered in tiny worms. They are dispersed among the vehicles.

Meanwhile, the province residents were seen in the video securing themselves with umbrellas as they went about their daily lives and passed by.

The reason for the slimy creature’s rain is still unknown. According to the scientific publication, Mother Nature Network suggested that the worms were whisked away by strong winds before being dropped. The publication also mentioned that when insects have swept away in a whirlpool during a storm, this kind of incident occurs.

There was another interesting suggestion made to decode the mystery behind the worms raining down in the province. According to some, the worms were actually poplar flowers, the blossoms of which resemble the squirmy creatures.


How are netizens reacting?

The internet was flooded with myriad comments from people with one saying Joe Rogan is hosting fear factor again, this time in China.

“These are not worms or animals, but flower stalks dropped from trees,” said another. 

“It’s raining worms in China, and what will YOU be doing for the apocalypse?” another user wrote on Twitter. 


Iguanas rained in Florida last year  

Even while your head may be stuck by now on the worms mystery in China, there was another intriguing event that occurred last winter, this time in Florida. In a similarly bizarre phenomenon, it was raining iguanas. 

The US state of Florida has cold weather in December, and as a result, the giant reptiles known as iguanas harden and drop to the ground, giving the impression that they are falling from the sky. When temperatures drop it shocks the reptiles, but the iguanas do not always die as many will just wake up when the temperature increases.

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