WATCH | Woman performs backflip at her graduation ceremony, netizens applaud

WATCH | Woman performs backflip at her graduation ceremony, netizens applaud

A Chinese student, in a novel way of celebration, performed a backflip before accepting her degree at her graduation ceremony. The video of the woman performing went viral on social media platforms as people appreciated the student’s enthusiasm.

Graduation day is one the biggest highlights in any student’s life. The excited students dress their best to collect their degrees as their family and close friends participate in the ceremony.

Although every student is excited about graduation day, students like the viral Chinese student celebrate the event with more zeal by performing a backflip before receiving her degree.

The South China Morning Post, in its report, stated how 24-year-old Chen Yining performed a backflip in excitement and was left stunned at the enormous response she received on social media.

Chen was given a postgraduate degree in dance practice and performance. The video of her performing a backflip was shared on Twitter by user @tongbingxue.

In the caption of the post, the Twitter user wrote, “Chinese student Chen Yining in the UK, celebrating a graduation in Kung fu style, remembered by teachers and fellow graduates, and goes viral in China’s social media today.”


The video was posted on Twitter almost a week ago. Since the time it was shared, the video has received more than five lakh views and more than 1600 likes.

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Many people have even posted their comments on the video. A user posted, “Expression of inner happiness is always beautiful, more so when the next generation does it in style!”

Another person commented, “Flippin’ awesome. Excellent form. And congrats on graduating!” “Energetic, vigorous, marvellous, and lovely,” wrote a third user. 

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