What’s Viral on Social Media Today?

What’s Viral on Social Media Today?

With everything going wrong in the world, sometimes it’s important to focus on the good. For instance, Lewis Capaldi and his fans recently shared a wholesome moment together during his concert in Germany when he seemed to suffer a bout of Tourette’s syndrome tics and his fans seamlessly picked up right where he left off.

In the same breath, the dichotomy of life comes to the fore when we think about how deeply damaged some of our societal and natural ecosystems are. Recently, an IFS officer shared the video of a baby langur weeping over the dead body of its mother and the clip is enough to make a grown adult cry. The mother had died after being hit by a vehicle in Assam.

Social media platforms and Twitter in particular have also emerged as an important tool to hold people accountable. Standup comedian Sahil Shah was recently dragged on Twitter after he wrote a joking retort to a college student who had accidentally sent him an invite with the wrong name, for a fest. He later cleared the air and said that he had had a proper communication with the college before making the joke. Twitter also dragged one user for making a classist joke about a domestic worker who had made a WhatsApp group to inform her employers about her leave plans.

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